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Gary's Travel Page

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Why should I use a travel Package

By using one of our travel package, which there are 3 levels, you will get the absolute wholesale price. You can make sure that your trip is tailored to your individual needs. 

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Gary Buckley

Gary is aCoastal Vacations Director and Business Developer. He owns the level 3 platinum package. He enjoys all the benefits it brings him. Namely huge travel discounts, such as 75%,discounts on his vacation trips and condo vacation stays.

Building valuable family memories has also been important to him and fires up his desire to help others to achieve the same results.

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Why are your prices so much better than other online travel sites?

Vacation Condo Resorts, hotels and Cruise Lines seldom if ever achieve 100% booked to capacity. We work with many of the best and most respected travel vendors to get what you need, at the true lowest discount price.  Empty rooms or cabins cost them money, so they are willing to let our members stay at cost, because they know they will take pictures and show family and friends what a great time they had. They will also spend money on other amenities, such as golf, dining at their restaurant, purchasing souvenirs , etc.

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